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Kubbe Spiral 3 Globes # 3, Chandelier Lamp, Silver

$428.00 CAD

Upgrade your home décor with our stunning Turkish Lighting Collection today and experience the perfect blend of functionality and artistry.

The Moroccan style lamp is a unique and intricate piece of home décor that is created by handling punching metal structures building an astonishing design which will show a beautiful shade on walls and ceilings when lit up. 

The result is a beautiful lamp that emits a warm and inviting light.


Crown diameter: 9 inch ~ 22 cm
Height: 41 inch ~ 104 cm
Depth: 12 inch ~ 30 cm

The product will be sent without a bulb.

You need to buy 3 (three) bulbs separately to use it. *** All bulbs must be LED (light-emitting diode)

6.9 lb