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Goose Neck Antik Globe # 5, Table Lamp, Brass

$255.00 CAD

Handmade Turkish Mosaic Lamp with unique stained glass design. 

Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, desks, and bedside tables. This Art Deco style lamp that adds a touch of elegance to any space.

It is a Great housewarming or birthday present.

The globe used in this Lamp (globe size 5) can also be used in two other lamps from our collection, Double Pedestal Antik Globe 5 Mosaic Table Lamp and Antik Single Pendant Globe # 5.

If you like this globe we can swap it into a different lamp, and if you like the Globes (Size 5) from other lamps we can swap into this one too!

Just email us and we arrange it for you!


Width: 11 inch ~ 28 cm
Height: 24 inch ~ 61 cm
Depth: 11 inch ~ 28 cm

Number of Globes: 1

Globe size: # 5

The product will be sent without a bulb.

You need to buy 1 (one) bulb separately to use it.

*** All bulbs must be LED (light-emitting diode)



6.29 lb