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Double Pedestal Antik Globe 5 Mosaic Table Lamp, 18 different colors and designs

$255.00 CAD

Handmade Turkish Mosaic Lamp with unique stained glass design. 

Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, desks, and bedside tables. This Art Deco style lamp that adds a touch of elegance to any space.

It is a Great housewarming or birthday present.

You can choose between 18 different colors and designs.

The globes used in this Lamp (globe size 5) can also be used in two other lamps from our collection, Goose Neck Antik Globe 5 Mosaic Table Lamp and Antik Single Pendant Globe # 5.

If you like any of these globes we can swap it into a different lamp. 

And if you like the Globes (Size 5) from other lamps we can swap into this one too!

Just email us and we arrange it for you!


Width: 11 inch ~ 28 cm
Height: 23 inch ~ 58 cm
Depth: 11 inch ~ 28 cm

Number of Globes:

Globe Size: # 5

The product will be sent without a bulb.

You need to buy 1 (one) bulb separately to use it.

*** All bulbs must be LED (light-emitting diode)

5.69 lb